Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I came across splendid article on the net today titled "Linux is Not Windows"byDominic Humphries

The author - one of the Ubuntu forum members explains in simple but deep way the differences between two systems. The article can help any of us to verbalize why we would like or would not like to change the operating system of our

Here is my grateful comment to the author:

"Hi - and thank you for the brilliant article. I came across your article thanks to the tread on Ubuntu Forum. I am a rather "fresh" Linux convert - using exclusively Linux for half a year now. adult son has recommended Ubuntu to me about a year ago - but first thing he asked me before was - "Why do you want to change, mom?"
It was difficult question and I found an answer on your site - for the first: I want to drive "my car", for the second: I like "my car" to do what I want, and last but not least: for the sake of free choice - the only freedom we really have.
Thank you for clarifying my own motives to myself! Keep up writing - it gives a lot to others!
With many friendly regards,
PS. Linux is not more frustrating than other new things you learn - what's wonderful in the case of Ubuntu and other free OS (I tried Kanotix before) is that you are never left alone with your frustration..."

...and why I "converted"...He, he...because: "Linux is not Windows"!

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